Packing (again)

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 5.11.38 PM

Tomorrow I leave for two weeks on the west coast for business.  While I’ve never been to Seattle or Portland, I always seem to find myself in Los Angeles.  The last time was just two months ago!

The sheer volume of guys on tinder in LA was comparable to NYC.  However, since everything in LA happens so slowly, I was shocked at how much more proactive the men are there than here!!  I figured the guys there were too busy surfing in between acting auditions.  INCORRECT!  Thanks to tinder, I’ve spoken with, but not met, a small handful of extremely educated men that, I hate to say, put many guys in NYC to shame.

One of the LA guys is meeting me in Seattle where I’ll be spending July 4th weekend.  He is a Seattle native and, as it turns out, is moving back there in two weeks.  Communication between the two of us has definitely ebbed  this month and I’m not sure why.  He used to call me up on his drive home from work, and there was the time I sort of drunk-dialed him from Nashville.  Aside from a few sparse texts, we haven’t spoken much at all but he says he will be there.  If not, I have friends in Seattle!  In any case, I don’t have much hope for this one, especially with him moving back.  That, and he’s my age and is figuring out his next career move since the entertainment thing didn’t work as planned.  Again, a very intelligent, humorous, and good looking guy.  We are supposed to meet up on July 2nd.  Stay tuned for that blog entry!

After Seattle, I fly to LA and this is where things can get interesting.  There is yet another incredibly intelligent, funny, and “dreamy” (as my sister and I call him since he and I took the social media leap and are Facebook friends) man just a couple years older than I am.  We text maybe every 7-10 days, so again – not expecting anything there.  He’s in entertainment and constantly uses colorful words; example below.


Part of me just wants to see if he really talks like that in person.  I will see him on Wednesday, July 8th but he said he’ll be on-call when I arrive in LA on July 5th in case my “plans” change.

“Plans” on Sunday – and Monday – involve someone who I think has the most potential out of all the west coast contenders.  He isn’t in entertainment which is impressive on its own.  We video chat on most days of the week and are often in communication throughout the day.  Another massively intelligent, funny, good looking guy who seems to genuinely be interested in me.  It must be mutual because I agreed to spend the next weekend with him.  lost_emoticonHe’s got two dogs, a motorcycle, and southern accent.  How could I say no?? Oh right, because he’s only been divorced – no kids – for 1-1/2 years. 

Let’s just hope that none of them are serial killers.

I should probably get to packing but I wanted to end on this very true note:



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