Dudes: The Update

In an effort to help keep them straight in my head, here’s the current state of affairs.

Again, in no order of priority:

  • Astoria dude: currently in Las Vegas for work with an unknown return to NYC.  While in LA, I received a text from him saying that we need another day of eat/sleep/tv when we’re both back home.  I like him and he comes with perks, but don’t think those perks are worth it.  He likes to drink a lot and gamble and well… I’d rather eat clean and wake up early for a nice long run.  Doomed?  Very well could be.
  • LA-turned-Seattle dude: he’s officially back in Seattle.  I haven’t reached out to him since asking if he made it ok; I figure he’s got enough going on in his head and his life.
  • LA dude: surprisingly, he’s STILL the most active in the rotation.

Speaking of rotation, I’m looking to ramp it up again, so I’ve been back on Tinder, but damn – what slim pickings!!  Last night, I received a message from a Tinder dude here that I hadn’t spoken with in a month.  ONE MONTH!!  Da hell?!

Even better, while I was out west, I received an email from a guy I’d chatted with on Tinder when we were both in Japan.  We hit it off via chats and emails back in March.  Then I heard from him maybe two months later, saying he was going to be in NYC this summer and would I be around.  I said yes, I should be just coming back from a work trip.  Then the week that he’s here, I get an email asking if I’m free that night or the following night.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??  I totally forgot about your dumb ass!!  But I’m supposed to just drop everything to see you?  #1) no.  #2) i’m not even in the same time zone. #3) no.  Needless to say, I didn’t respond to his stupid email.  Stupidity copied below VERBATIM because the screen shot didn’t come out well:

to me
Ha! Dropped the ball here. I’m in your city and sweltering whilst darting between spotty wifi points and checking out some of the sites interstitially.
Out on Thursday evening, and I’m going to see about checking a Yankees game tonight. Mets aren’t in town, sadly.
If you’re free at all Wednesday or later tonight, don’t be shy. I’ll try to find reliable wifi. German number is +49 
Hope you’re swell.

Who the hell says “swell” but old people and assholes?

Come on, NYC – you can do better than this!!  Can’t you??  Ughh..


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