Protect Yo Heart: Back in NYC

For those of you actually reading this, I’ve been home now for two and a half days, and covered in some sort of rash for two of those days.  Pardon my delay in the dating update; I finally saw my allergist today and am on a cocktail of creams and pills which will hopefully make the mystery allergy go away.

But I digress.  Or do I?  The allergic reaction may or may not be directly related to LA guy’s not one, but TWO medium sized dogs!  Thanks to allergy tests a few years ago, I’d have never known I was even allergic to them.  This could be, however, due to spending almost 80 hours together.  EIGHTY.  Clearly, I didn’t leave LA early; I figured I’d give it and him a chance.  It’s so early on, what do I really have to lose?

We went to lunch by my hotel on Thursday then got in an Uber to his apartment.  Disclaimer: his primary mode of transportation is two wheels, a Triumph 1050 motorcycle, which we took everywhere from downtown LA to Malibu.  Had I had room in my bag to bring my own helmet, I would’ve; I don’t like the idea of wearing other people’s stuff.  I don’t know who used it.  I don’t even like thrift shops.  Yuck.

Instead of getting into every gritty detail of this 80-hour spread, I came home with some takeaways (in no order of importance):

  • He lost points for not pre-planning something fun to do.  A little initiative goes a long way to me.  It shows that there was some time and consideration put into things.
  • He earned points for making a ridiculously delicious ribeye and strip steak!
  • He lost points for not making me breakfast (when he made himself some) after my 8-mile run on Saturday morning, and might lose even more points for telling me that he made himself breakfast.
  • OK, maybe he loses EVEN MORE because I stopped by California Doughnut on my way back to his place after my run with more food for HIM!!
  • He would’ve gained points for cleaning his floors and rugs of pet hair and dander when he saw my allergies were starting… but he earns nothing because he said he would’ve done it anyway.
  • He earned points for not snoring 99% of the time and being easy to sleep with.  I’ll take it.
  • He lost points for not going with me to the airport and schlepping himself back home.
  • He earned points for being an overall good guy, just… a guy.  Complacent and I dare say lazy.

Overall grade till that point: B

My good friend in LA met him briefly and later told me she was surprised because he doesn’t seem like my type but that he “was really easy to get along with” and that he “seemed like the nicest guy”.

A few weeks ago, well before I knew I was even going to LA, I’d invited him to a concert at Lincoln Center in August.  I made a conscious effort, though, to never bring it up again.  Maybe he changed his mind?  Maybe he thought the weekend was a flop.  Maybe I was a flop.  I did, however, say, “IF you come to NY, we could do/go…” on a couple of occasions, but I meant it in a much more theoretical way – definitely not referring to August.  Before I jumped into the Uber to LAX on Sunday night, to my surprise, he told me that he’d look at flights to NYC that week.

Lo and behold, guess who bought a ticket to NYC yesterday.  My MO is to get all hyped and start planning all sorts of things to do.  Dinners!  Shows!  Sightseeing!  But no – I’m curbing it significantly (for me anyway).  He gets in late Thursday night and leaves Tuesday morning.  I may have to travel that Monday (to be confirmed) so he’s planning on me passing him off to one of his friends for the day till he leaves.

Whatevs.  At first, I was like, WTF!  But now that I think about it – I’m ok with it.

We video chatted last night for the first time since I left.  Three-hour time difference in full effect.  Oh well.  We’ll see what happens.


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