Flashback Friday: Accepting Gifts from Strangers

There is (was?) a whole trend on Tinder to get guys to buy you food delivered to your door.  First of all, I don’t need randoms to know where I live.  Stranger Danger is real!  Second of all, that’s bad dating karma!  … or is it?

I was in Raleigh, NC briefly for work a couple of months ago, and started talking to a guy on Tinder.  To my surprise, southern guys were reasonably interested in me.  Who’d have thought??  NOT ME!!  He got married in NYC of all places but has been divorced as of a couple of years ago and is rebuilding his life and career as a result.  Since he has a fascination with NYC and is also in the design world – and straight! – we had lots to talk about.  He skis and snowboards, is smart and good looking, but he was laying it on a little too thick which is enough to scare me away.  PLUS he said something really early on, touting his skills in bed by saying something about giving his woman multiple orgasms.  OK – we weren’t even talking about anything even remotely close to sex so WTF?  Call me a prude, but that pretty much made my mind up for me.

With my birthday approaching, he was the only one out of all the guys I was talking to who actually got me something.  I sure as hell didn’t ask for anything, so I wasn’t expecting anything!  He mentioned that he had a gift sent to my office which is easy enough to google, and to my surprise – it was a bottle of Breckenridge Bourbon, made with water from the Rockies.

I never had it before, and it remains unopened in my kitchen, but he says it’s good and that I’m difficult to shop for.  Well, I didn’t ask for anything so I certainly appreciate how he spent the time thinking of what to get me, let alone the fact that he got me anything in the first place!

He was definitely always the first to message me and call me; my approach was very reactive.  He told me once that he still thought that we were meant to be together, and I didn’t even respond.  Yikes.

All this to say that as a grown-ass woman, I have no problem accepting unsolicited gifts from men.  I’ve done plenty for undeserving men so it’s high time I got something back.  Mic drop.


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