Has It Really been 11 Days??

I wish that I could say a lot has happened in the guy department in the 11 days since my last blog post, but it wouldn’t be true.  Instead, I’ve spent a lot of time with friends and hanging out on the beach which has been so fun!  Beats the awkwardness of a first date any time!  Let’s see where we are.

“LA guy” has been re-dubbed “DIVORCED GUY #1”.  He is still flying to NYC this weekend and I will see him after all.  That was such an internal tug of war that lead me to figure that #1) if he was going to go to certain lengths to appease me, then I might want to stop being such a hard ass, and #2) he’s not my boyfriend – whatsoever – so ultimately he can do what he wants and inversely, so will I.  🙂  And I have been!  And I’ve reminded him of such!  We video-chatted once since burying the hatchet, but I could hardly look at him.  He just didn’t look as attractive to me anymore.  We don’t text anywhere nearly as much anymore, either.  He’ll throw the kissy emoji at me, and I don’t reciprocate.  We’ll see if anything changes when he’s here, but as with most things, I don’t expect much.  I still didn’t plan anything other than dinner and the concert on Saturday.  I took Friday and Monday off, but wanting/needing a break from work was just as much a reason as him being here.  He did, however, make back-up plans if I don’t want to see him anymore.  Smart move on his part; I would’ve suggested it to him anyway, haha!

Seattle Guy: Man, he could be on his way out, which is a total shocker.  Call me selfish, but if you tell me you’re sending me something that you already have, does it really have to wait another week till you actually get to send it?  My dude – you don’t have a job.  The hell you doing all day?  We haven’t spoken on FaceTime in a week now.  He’s always got something going on, which is good!  He’s the busiest unemployed person I know!  So it hasn’t been easy, and to be honest, I don’t know that I want to deal with all this work right now.  I still don’t chase after dudes.  We’ll see what he sent me.  He said I should get it on Tuesday.

Astoria Guy has been renamed “Knicks Guy #1”.  After a whopping 12 days, guess who resurfaces.  Via text of course.  I told him that it was safe to say that it wasn’t going to work out.  He asked why.  Among other reasons, I told him that I don’t believe in getting to know someone via text message.  He said that I never called him either.  Insert eye roll here.  Twelve days!!  He said that someone from work resigned and he had to take care of their shit, blah blah blah, but admitted that wasn’t an excuse.  He said I only have two days to hang out a week.  I said that I wasn’t going to apologize for working towards a goal and setting limits on myself.  I see my friends a bunch; it’s really not that hard.  He suggested getting together to clear the air, so I agreed on Monday, tomorrow.  We didn’t communicate for four days, then he sends me a message tonight asking if I want to go out for a drink tomorrow.  Um, no, not a drink.  So we agree on a coffee/tea or whatever.  He says 7pm in Midtown where we both work, but I said he has a deal for 630pm.  Of course, he’s gotta check with work if he can leave early.  I didn’t bother responding.  He can stay married to his job.  I got other shit to do.

Divorced Guy #2 was doing so well!!  We went out on Thursday.  He picked me up and we went to a restaurant nearby that was brand new and had some of my favorite kinds of food.  Let me be shallow and say that he’s little.  I’m little.  With heels on, we were basically the same height.  But he was cute and funny and sincere and all that.  But yo – let’s talk about a full court press.  My dude lays it on THICK.  He told me that night when dropping me off that he hasn’t been on Tinder and doesn’t believe in dating more than one person, and that he likes me.  I smiled and obviously couldn’t reciprocate any of that.  #awkward  Then yesterday he sends me another one of his soliloquy texts and says that he wants to date me and have a relationship with me and he misses me, and I’m reading it like, WHOOOOOOOOOOA!!!  SLOW DOWN, COWBOY!!!  I told him that I clearly don’t operate at the same speed that he does and that coming off so strong is the perfect way to scare me off.  He talks a lot, which is fine, but I told him to just stop.  I couldn’t deal with him yesterday and for most of today!  I reached out to him and he sent another soliloquy and I’m just going to give him the benefit of the doubt here.

Enter “Knicks Guy #2”.  Can I not get away from this organization???  He is technically #3 but the statute of limitations ran out on the first one!  Random Tinder swipe here in NYC.  Summer means that there are more tourists and visitors from out of town than usual, and he was here for two days… because he’s the personal trainer of a player who’d just signed with the Knicks.  Here we go again.  He’s French and they speak French together, which is annoyingly French, hahahaha!  I met them quickly one evening, then went back for breakfast with just #2 the following morning before they flew home.  He’s pretty normal-ish, save the unprecedented amount of selfies he takes – WOW.  We FaceTime relatively often.  It’s weird; I don’t know what to think, but he’s there – sort of – so we’ll see if this turns into anything.  I have FB and IG stalked him, and there are no girls in any of his photos which is a good/bad thing.  Stay tuned…

And finally, my latest contender is also an import, in the form of a Spanish chef of a restaurant in Williamsburg.  I yelped it, and it got 4-1/2 stars.  Pretty impressive!  He is a bit of an incessant texter, reminding me of how I imagine 16-year old girls text, but at least he’s enthusiastic?  Seeing him on Tuesday evening!  He seems so excited to meet me.  Why?  Is it bad that I’m so ambivalent about these guys?  Meh.  Actually, I was supposed to meet up with some Australian dude on Tuesday, but since we only spoke via Tinder – he never gave me his number – I’m going to assume that’s not going to happen.

And that is my story!!  To be honest, there are other things in life happening right now that are putting dating and relationships far from the top of the priority list.  I just don’t find anyone to be that rewarding so I direct my efforts to what is.  Hopefully someone somewhere will knock my socks off, and I will do the same to him.  Maybe it’ll hit like an uppercut when I’m not looking!  Maybe not.  Till then, I still don’t know what I’m doing in this arena.


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