Gifts, Trips, Just Friends, and still… NEXT!


The package from Seattle guy finally delivered to my office last Monday.  I wasn’t in any particular rush to go in and get it, but the contents were cute and were gathered from his trips to LA and Hawaii: a little stuffed black tip shark, a dream catcher bracelet, a little bottle of sand and a seashell (both of which are on my desk at work).  The card was my favorite part, very sweet as usual.  We spoke a bit that week, including briefly via FaceTime, and he was under the weather.  I couldn’t really do much more than that at the time because…


LA guy flew in late Thursday night/early Friday morning so I was half asleep when he arrived.  Overall, it was a lot of fun which is always my goal, but it was his first real time in NYC.  We went on a harbor sail, went to the top of One World Trade, had a fancy dinner and evening at Lincoln Center, meandered down to Times Square, took him on one of my favorite running routes that ended at Juliana’s for the first time (how many NYers don’t like pizza?  I might be the only one, but that place was as good as they say!).  Would it have been a complete trip without an argument?  OF COURSE NOT!  I’m not going to go into detail about how even my therapist said I was “disregarded”.  All I will say is that I saw this man cry.  Not SOB, but tearing and needing tissue.  OK – I am not good in these situations.  Was he upset because I was being so cold and indifferent?  So much so that he’d packed up his stuff because I clearly didn’t give a shit anymore?  Did he really like me that much that seeing the agitation, frustration, anger live and in person was making him feel that way?  I was so confused that I had to ask him why he was so upset (notice I didn’t ask, “Why you crying tho?”).  He said that he didn’t want to make me unhappy or angry or upset.  Hmm… how about this instead: Maybe it had absolutely nothing to do with me?!  My therapist said that he was crying because he thinks he failed again.  Well, stop being a thick-headed asshole, and we won’t have these issues.  This happened on his last day here, which was Monday.  I felt bad for the dude.  We hugged it out and went to the beach, as was the original plan.  I reluctantly met two of his friends which I was hoping I would be able to avoid for his entire trip.  No such luck; they joined us at Katz’s Deli.  He and I are not a couple; I don’t want to meet your friends and I sure as hell don’t want you to meet mine.  In any case, he left Tuesday morning and we are back to nothing-ness.  We still text everyday but not a whole lot, and talked via Google Hangouts twice since he left.


OMG!  HOW COULD I FORGET!!  As soon as he got here, he tells me that he got the job offer in Philly after all.  The email came while he was on his way to LAX.  It appears he wasn’t their first choice, but that choice fell through.  He’s going through the motions with testing and clearance already, but it could be about 6-12 months till his stuff is boxed up.  That’s a lot of time for us to still be nothing.  He will most likely still be there when I start grad school but I don’t intend on spending time with him while I’m there.  I reminded him that I have no intention of pursuing anything with him while he’s there, and also as long as he and his ex-wife are friends.  That’s my hardline stance that a weekend together isn’t going to erase.

Just Friends:

Astoria Guy and I maintain a friendly relationship, and went to see Straight Outta Compton (which everyone needs to see btw!) on Tuesday, the same day that LA Guy left, haha!  Without the pressure of spending more time together or talking more, I’m actually liking him a lot more – as a friend.  He even took photo booth pics with me; I wouldn’t have asked him to do that if we were “dating” or “seeing each other” or whatever it’s called.  He left today for a 2-week holiday with his parents, and we have plans to see each other when he’s back.  Maybe this guy is still the sleeper; I wouldn’t be surprised.  There’s still an attraction there, but not enough to make me act on it.  He caught himself holding my hand when we were saying goodbye, haha!


Remember “Divorced Guy #2”?  Yea, I barely do either.  He’s the short little dude that stopped talking to his exwife when I told him I wasn’t going to talk to him anymore.  Well, he sent me this text and I immediately blocked him.  🙂   “bitchy”?  You have no idea.  Bitch.



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