A Papal Cockblocking (and updates on the rest)

Don’t get me wrong; I think Pope Francis is a mothereffin’ rock star that would get even cynics and former Catholics like myself reconsidering the faith again.  I spent a portion of the day watching him address Congress and am not surprised one bit by how many tears John Boehner shed.  This Pope is what the world, not just the Catholic Church, needs.  I’m not mad at him for coming to NYC and snarling up the roads, subways, and skies.  He’s gotta be the most badass Pope in history!!  Who turns down lunch with heavy-hitting politicians to serve the homeless lunch instead?  That guy.  Someone is finally using their power and celebrity for good.

All this to say that my “hot boss” had planned to come this week but he would’ve had to have landed in Morristown, NJ and we wouldn’t have been able to fly the Hudson River.  That was the whole point!  Assuming the Pope wasn’t here, “hot boss” would’ve flown in yesterday, and I’d have met him at Penn Station (he takes the train!) and come back to Brooklyn.  No, he wasn’t going to stay with me!  He found an AirBnB a few blocks away.  Then today we would’ve done the trip up the river… and today has been beautiful!  Most likely the last day with 80 degree temps this year.  And all this sun!  Alas, we’ve had to reschedule to next week, but now the weather is calling for a 40% chance of rain on the day we’d fly.  Hopefully that changes!!  Otherwise, we’ll have to reschedule again.

After extremely lengthy written exchanges, a couple friends asked if we’d spoken on the phone yet.  Nope.  Not even within days of his arrival??  Nope.  Just call him!!  Nope.  As if he overheard these conversations, he texted me the other day when we decided to reschedule, and asked if he could call me later that evening.  He sure did call and we spent a whopping FOUR AND A HALF HOURS on the phone!  We talked about everything from diving to our families.  He told me all about his parents, kids, and wife, and how her entire cancer ordeal went down.  It was a very sobering story and I was truly surprised he shared it with me.  He thanked me a couple of times for sending him messages to see how he was doing.  I later told him (via email last night) that I felt that he was looking out for me while he was still with the company, so I naturally cared and wanted to see how he and his family were doing.  He said that we should go diving.  I agreed!  He commented a couple times that he was single again.  One of my friends asked if, after our talk, was I still interested.  The answer is yes, probably even more so, although I’m still convinced that we are JUST FRIENDS.  We learned a lot about each other that night, and it definitely gives me a better, broader picture of him as a person, not just as a corporate executive… not that I ever really saw him that way anyway.

So, hopefully next week happens.  I can’t wait to see him, and catch myself smiling at the thought of him.

There’s an additional blip on the radar.  A small yet rather tall one.  I attended a going away event on Friday, met up with a few friends there, and walked away with a couple more.  There was a dude that evening who seemed normal enough; we yukked it up a bit although I felt a couple of his questions were a bit too personal for someone I just met (“What are you going to do with your MBA?”  Noneyadamnbizness.).  Oh, is your sister-in-law Filipino?  That’s nice.  #dontcare  Oh, you spent a month surfing in the Philippines?  #yellowfever    I didn’t dedicate my attention to him since there were other people and friends around.  Also, he’s a giant.  As in, he’s a foot and a half taller than me.  As in, the tallest boyfriend I had is 6′-4″ and this guy is even taller than that.  #awkward   Anyway, five of us went to grab food afterwards and at the close of the night, when we all had to part ways, I’m aware of three numbers he got (one was a dude’s and another was my homegirl’s that I honestly thought he was flirting with.  I see you, V!  😉  ).  I took the train home with the other dude who said that he hoped he wasn’t cockblocking me and that from what he’d seen of the tall dude, he liked to surround himself with the ladies.  Cockblocking?  I didn’t realize there were motives, especially as I thought he was trying to kick it to someone else.  However, this could just be part of his enjoyment of the attention of ladies.  Who knows?  He texted me the next day and asked when I was free to link up.  Somehow I agreed to go to the beach with him the next day as probably the last beach day of the year.  It was fun and we talked a lot about all sorts of stuff.  Work, career, family, traveling, sports, etc.  He said he’s never been attracted to white girls which made options in Connecticut limited as he was growing up.  We stayed till the sun set and Ubered back to Brooklyn (he lives in midtown).  We grabbed dinner, and he went home.  He still texts me, but I’m kind of meh about the whole thing.  Aside from being completely Heart-eyes-emojiabout my “hot boss”, I think tall dude and I would be better served as friends or even business associates.  He commented at the beach how we could probably work well – as in job work – together.  I could see that.  Today he texted me and called me “maganda” which means “pretty” and that just makes me want to throw up.  How many dudes have I met that say things in Tagalog and I’m not impressed?!?!  TOO MANY!!  I speak English, and you sound like an idiot with yellow fever.  He said he wants to get together again, possibly next week if I’m free.  I sent him a short note saying that it might be possible.  Maybe.  He’s not high on the priority list.  Hot Boss is #1 on the brain, and all the other guys are there just to remind me to not limit myself to one person.  Options!!  Keep them open!!

The day after meeting tall guy, I went out with my French import.  He’s in a state of limbo, living out of a suitcase in a hotel in White Plains while their lives settle and sign a lease on a house up there.  I hadn’t seen him in a month and a half, but we still talked just about every day and he came down to the city to see me.  We went to a rooftop bar in the LES and had one drink (he and the tall dude are not big drinkers – yay!) before going up to Lincoln Square for dinner and to see Everest in IMAX 3D.  SO GOOD!  He drove me back home afterwards.  He’s a nice guy, and I think he’s genuinely looking for something serious.  He’s not pushy about sleeping with me, which is very different from what I’m used to.  He’s already expressed that he wants to, but didn’t get turned off when I told him to settle down.  He goes back to France at the end of the month which I think buys me some time as he’ll be there well into October.  He invited me up to their house (whenever they move) for the weekend; I said I’d go and take the dogs out for a nice long run in the park.  He told me that he doesn’t understand dating in this country, and it’s not like that in France.  There aren’t multiple people you’re seeing at a time.  I think we have definite cultural differences when it comes to that, but he definitely has attributes to him that I like.

Why am I not drawn to the guy who seems like he wants something serious, and not just bullshit dating?  Something I need to talk to my therapist about tomorrow.

And finally, guess who crawled out of the dark recesses of my mind!!  Divorced Guy #1!!  He sent me a text a few days ago that immediately incited my smart ass-ness.

FullSizeRender (2)

He’s referring to a book that I gave him that he loved.  I clearly give zero fucks, as per my response.  He didn’t text me back.  I wonder why not?  I talked to my therapist about him a couple weeks ago.  He told me that getting rid of him was a good decision.

That’s all that I’ve got for now.  I’m barely on tinder anymore; it hasn’t been very successful for me, and I have plenty of other ways to amuse myself when I’m bored.  The app hasn’t been deleted it yet; if I travel anywhere, I’ll launch it to see what the city’s got, but as for NYC’s tinder scene, I’ve thrown in the towel.  Oh – Frenchy said that he deleted the app.  But wait – he’s got a photo of himself as the wallpaper on his phone.  WTF IS THAT!?!?  Oh tinder… sigh.


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