Three Weeks in the Making! … and other stuff

After the Pope then Hurricane Joaquin, Hot Boss finally made it to Brooklyn on Wednesday.  It was SURREAL seeing him in Brooklyn that very first moment.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, who I was seeing standing in front of me.  After a big hug outside Atlantic Terminal, we went down to his AirBnB which was right around the corner from me.  I met the wife of the couple whose apartment he was staying at.  It’s a big apartment in the same building a friend from high school lives in.  Over the next couple days, Hot Boss didn’t spend much time there except to sleep.

The weather was perfect, warm for October and sunny blue skies.  We went for a walk in Prospect Park, stopped by Brooklyn Tattoo, and then down to DUMBO for dinner at Juliana’s.  Before I go on, he said that he wouldn’t be getting inked on this trip after all because he didn’t want it to be a distraction when we went flying.  Fair enough; it might be irritating or something.  He took several pics down by the river including an “ussie”.  🙂

Thursday was the big day and we set out for Republic Airport in Farmingdale that morning in a plane that he built himself ten years ago!  It’s close quarters in there by the way.  We had my GoPro inside the plane and his GoPro mounted on the underside of the right wing.  We flew along the southern coast of Long Island, past the Rockaways and Coney Island and hooked a right above the Verrazano Bridge.  We did a counter-clockwise circle around the Statue of Liberty and then straight up the Hudson River.  All this took place at around 1000ft so we were below some building tops!  It was incredible; this city is so beautiful from up there!  The fall foliage was starting to be more noticeable the further north we went, as we went from flying next to skyscrapers to flying over tree-covered mountains.  We landed at Dutchess County Airport and jumped in a rental car and drove down to Beacon for lunch outside on Main Street.  Next stop was Dia:Beacon and that was SO COOL!  We left the airport at about 530pm and headed back to Brooklyn.  Dinner was at James and he loved it!  We came back to my apartment and watched some of the video that our cameras took.

Basically, it was a perfect day.

Friday morning, he came over for breakfast and he set out for the airport.  I took him back to Atlantic Terminal and I was kinda sad he was leaving.

Nothing happened between us, not even any hand holding.  His wedding ring is gone.  He told me more about his wife’s last few months and I can see how he may have moved on more than I thought.  At dinner on Thursday, he brought up again how he’s single and his friend who’s divorced has close friends she does stuff with, and I don’t know if that’s what he’s going to do or what he’s planning on doing, but he did say that he’s enjoying getting to know me.  Umm… so confused!

I saw my therapist on Friday afternoon and told him all about all this.  He made some good points, and still believes that Hot Boss is indeed interested in me.  I told him about how he’s redone his front yard and re-flooring almost his entire house (target date of completion: the day before I arrive because I’m going to his house apparently but that’s another story).  I forget the exact words he used, but my therapist said that he’s wiping her out, that maybe he’d felt a certain way about their marriage for a while, and was wiping her out.

I’ll be in Michigan in a few weeks for work, and will be going early to run a race with coworkers the Saturday before.  Hot Boss said he’ll pick me up from the airport on Friday, assuming the flooring guys are done or can be left alone for a little while (he even said, depending on my luggage, he may or may not be able to pick me up in the 911), and that he’d bring me to the race on Saturday morning.  Does that mean I’m staying with him at their house?  NO CLUE!!!  But I need to figure that shit out soon; otherwise I’m going to AirBnB it which I have no problem doing.

At 9pm, I told him I’d give him a call.  We haven’t spoken much since he left on Friday which turned out to be a rough flight back home for him.  He should’ve just stayed but I had plans on Friday night!

It was rainy here, too, that evening but The Giant and I had plans to… do nothing but stay in.  This one also confuses me.  He was out of town for a conference and suggested we get together when he got back.  I picked Friday which turned out to be perfect because it was so rainy.  He asked what I could/couldn’t eat as I marathon train and created a menu accordingly.  Da hell?  So considerate.  Is this normal?  I brought dessert.  No, literally, I stopped by Billy’s Bakery and got dessert and brought it to his apartment.  He made dinner and we talked, as we always do, and then watched Entourage the movie.  Fell asleep at about 2am, got out of bed at about 1030am, and he made a killer breakfast.  The next morning can be so awkward sometimes but somehow it wasn’t.  I asked if he had stuff he needed to do that day and he had a couple of things, as did I.  Neither of us ended up doing any of it.  Instead, we went to people watch at ComicCon and then were gifted with two passes from a guy leaving for the day.  So we walked around ComicCon which I think I enjoyed more than he did, but he did enjoy it.  By the time we left, it was about 5pm so we got some food at the same place as the last time we saw each other and parted ways afterwards.  I had a big 20-mile run today including a half-marathon and should’ve been resting instead of walking 9500 steps around the Javits Center!

So a few of things to note here:

  1. He commented on how we hadn’t seen each other in a while.  I looked at him and said we saw each other a week and a half ago; to me this isn’t long but ok, if you think so.  He proceeded to say how I wasn’t exactly inviting him over or out to do stuff.  I was like, whOa… you were out of town and I’ve had company in from out of town.
  2. Culinary skillz are off the chainz, but he says that he’s exhausted them all on me already, haha!
  3. His attention to detail, or dare I say his consideration of my dietary requirements, is very thoughtful.
  4. When we are out in public, there is zero PDA.  I might grab his arm in a crowd or he’ll play with my hair at a crosswalk, but that’s it.

I kinda like hanging out with him but again am kind of confused.  Well, next date is the Haunted Hayride on Saturday night!  I’m excited about that!  That shit better be good.  And I took his not so subtle hint of not making plans with him and asked if he wanted to come to the marathon expo with me a couple weeks later; he said yes.

OK, I gotta go call hot boss in a few minutes!  Till next time!


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