One Month Later…

Holy shit, I didn’t think it’d been a month.  More, actually.  I guess time really flies when you work full-time, go to school full time, make attempts at having a social life, and run six days a week.

I had bronchitis for over two weeks, then had a break for two days before catching a cold that lasted about two weeks.  It’s on its last legs now, FINALLY!  I’m pretty sure I’ve been sick since January which I guess officially means that I’ve lost my superhero power of never getting sick.

Since the last entry on Feb 21st, I daresay that things have settled into a better place with me and The Giant.  Of course it started with a GINORMOUS argument that I suppose served as a big of a revelation for both of us.  I pointed out that things have to be his way, and if they aren’t, then nothing happens.  I also indicated that last-minute plans do not tend to work well with me, and that prior to the date that he’d set up the week before, I was up till 2am working on school work just so that I could spend 2-1/2 hours with him and then run home for a school video conference.  So yea – I need to plan my time accordingly.  He said that he hates when I refer to this as a potential waste of time, and what would it take for it not to be considered as such?  Valid question.  I think I said that it would have to be something meaningful that if and when it ended that I can look back and smile.  That to me is not a waste of time.

Do I see this still as a waste of time?  Not necessarily, but I’m not 100% sold yet, either.  We went to dinner last night before we take off into two separate directions and not see each other for 2-1/2 weeks.  He leaves tomorrow to go surfing in Latin America, and I’m heading to the snowy mountains of Utah just two days before he gets back.  Everything about that is pretty typical about how opposite we are.  For me, anyway, it’s becoming less of a concern and just something to adapt to.  Recently I’ve told him how this whole thing is very different from anything that I’m used to in so many ways, but nobody can tell me that I lack adaptability, dammit.  He’s not a wordsmith by any means, and I’m especially particular about words which is a potentially lethal combination.  Now, if he says something that I think is questionable or even offensive, I’ll ask him to explain before I lose my shit.  🙂  There have been a few occasions in the past where he said one thing and meant something sort of related but not entirely.

What I think is the most pleasantly surprising aspect of this entire thing is how we always try to work things out.  And it’s been working so far.  It certainly hasn’t always been pretty, that’s for god damn sure.  He realized that if I’m still here, despite having my foot out the door on a couple of occasions, then that says something about what I think and how I feel about him.  He’s right.  Last night, I told him that I’m happy with him.  And I am.  He was half asleep when I said it but perked right up, said that it was great to hear, and that he thinks that I’m mad at him sometimes.  Maybe I am irritated or frustrated, but I blamed it on Resting Bitch Face which I’m pretty sure I don’t even have.  🙂

The effort to be more open continues.  I’ve come a long way with him since September, and notice that I’m happy and laughing more, and appreciating not only his, but also our quirks and nuances and differences.

The Adele image at the top tho!  That is in reference to something I learned in class over the weekend, and something mentioned in Malcolm Gladwell’s book Blink.  Apparently eye rolling is a significant sign of contempt which was the biggest factor in determining the demise of a couple’s relationship, according to The Gottman Method.  Eye rolling is something I’ve called The Giant out on a couple of times, so naturally I brought this up… and he’d listened to the audio book of Blink so he was familiar but needed a reminder… so we listened to that portion of the audio book.  I looked up the definition of “contempt” so that it could be explained clearly.  The Giant acknowledged that this is a problem and asked me to point out to him when he does it.  I asked if he was sure he wanted to know. He said yes, then maybe, then yes.

As long as we’re both willing to hash out our differences, and we definitely are so far, then I’m happy.  I’ve said it before: he’s a good guy.


OH YEA!  Before I go, the guys from the woodwork have dissipated – for now at least.  Two of the three; I barely hear from Hot Boss much anymore, and the Austrian guy (did I mention him before?) he never contacted me when I was in LA and I sure as hell wasn’t going to contact him.  One more remains, and we’ll see if he reaches out to me when I’m away.


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