Moving On

I got back this afternoon from my birthday weekend, spent with my good friend N as opposed to you-know-who.  Thank goodness for friends who are down for last minute plans.  It was a lot of fun, and the place was surreal.  Snowboarding at the tail end of May, way above the clouds, and on my actual birthday, it snowed.  Zero visibility also happened later that afternoon, but it was sunny up until then!  Plus, one of the lifties gave me a chip for a free hot cocoa for my birthday, and gave one to N, too!  There was a moment on my birthday, when the sun was beaming down yet flurries were falling, where I was overcome with joy and a feeling that everything was going to be alright.  That alone makes me smile.

That being said, I did not hear from he-whose-nickname-shall-not-be-spoken on my birthday, so I’m glad that he heeded my request.

Tomorrow is my final vacation day before returning to the grind on Wednesday, and then leaving for class on Thursday.  I believe I have a date on Wednesday with someone new, from the online world, yet possible that we saw each other while attending the same undergrad university.  Conveniently, he graduated from the university’s prominent school of communication which explains why speaking with him versus the other dude is like night and day.  He’d even suggested speaking on the phone, which we did while I was away and we logged 2-1/2 hours, ending at 4amEST (good thing I was on the opposite coast!).  Dayam.  If nothing else, at least he signifies hope!  But of course, I hope he signifies much more than that.  Dating is so lame, and I’ve never been more over it than I am now.

Thursday, I will see the hot AirBnB host.  He and I planned a weekend in Palm Springs in mid-June which means an entire week together since I have class the following weekend.  I’d asked if that was too much, and he said he didn’t know but was willing to find out.  I don’t have much time to get my body back in bikini shape!  I’m just feeling pretty sloppy now.

All this is to say that I’ve forced myself to move on.  I still find myself thinking of what’s-his-face but am definitely more at peace with the breakup now.


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