Oh Come On!!

Just a couple hours after my last post, where I talked about being at peace with the breakup and am comfortably moving on, I get an email from him.  More of a novel, really.  The bottom line was that he wants to go for a second shot at things, citing having thought a lot about things in the past three weeks (I didn’t realize that’s how long it’s been), knowing more than before about how we felt about each other, and that the connection we have is worth fighting for.

I don’t disagree with any of his referenced statements, but there were a a shit ton more statements that I need to let marinate in my head before responding.

He did, however, admit to things that he could’ve done differently which I was shocked to read, and he does want to go see my bomb-ass therapist with me.  That much I will agree to, but not as his girlfriend.  I will need more convincing than that email to jump back into something with him.

The saga is apparently not over yet, homies.  Chapter 2 is upon us.  It’s like he knew that I just signed up for HBO Now and wants my login!  Kidding, kidding.


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