on the subject of haters

Really, it’s just one hater in the form of my Hot Aussie classmate.  For the past few class sessions, I’d blogged about how touchy-feely he was with me, grabbing me, hugging me, sitting nearly on top of me, etc.  He and his girlfriend had broken up at just about the time and I’d assumed when he was out of his emotion fog, his mood started to get better and he was happier again, being more social and joking around.  That’s when all that touchy-feely stuff started again (he was always a little affectionate with me but had kicked it up several notches last month).

When Relationship 2.0 began, I knew I had to tell him because his are not the mitts that should be all over me.  In class this weekend, we had to sit with our teams, and I found that my team left me a seat next to him (thanks, gang!).  Because we inevitably look at what is on other people’s phones and monitors, I couldn’t help but notice that his ex-gf was texting him.  So I asked him how they were doing.  He said they’re trying to work it out, and I commented on how there must be some of that going around.  At this point, he got all animated, asking if that’s what was happening with me.  I said that it’s been sorted out, and when he asked if we were back together, I said so much so that he’s coming to the PI to meet my grandmother (and to learn how to scuba dive).  At this point, he said, “It’s never going to work.”  I asked him what the fuck that was supposed to mean.  He said that we can’t do everything together.  I said that it was his idea to get certified and that he’d been thinking about it for a while since he likes freediving.  Then I started to wonder why the hell was I explaining shit to this guy??

That kinda pissed me off, to be honest.  I’ve never said anything disparaging to his relationship when they were dating; he’s even the one who told me that they had misaligned values, that he felt it was over, and was letting their relationship wind down.

In any case, he was still bugging me and teasing me all weekend but did not accost me with hugs from behind anymore.  I was, however, already annoyed.  My teammates all noticed that he was giving me a hard time and that he seemed to enjoy it.  One of my classmates, who heard his “it’s never going to work” comment, even asked me later wtf his problem was, and that if he wanted to, he could’ve done something, talked to me, asked me out, etc.  Instead, he’s acting like we’re in a playground and he’s pulling my hair.

All this, mind you, while his exgf/gf/whatever is texting him, saying “Loving you, sweetheart” as they look at apartments together on trulia.  Like, SERIOUSLY??

That’s when a few things occurred to me: 1) he may have some serious commitment issues, 2) if she only knew how he was when she wasn’t around, and most importantly, 3) I’m really happy that my bf doesn’t act like that, which I realize sounds very naive, but that’s where that little word “trust” comes into play.  Besides, because we have several friends in common, he know he’s got eyes watching him.  🙂


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