Back on the Left Coast

I got out here on Thursday and got to spend time with my dear dear girlfriend.  She’s always so sweet and welcoming and even gave me her spare keys for when I’m in town next so I can crash at her place since she won’t be in town.  Like, really??  I’m thinking of what kind of gift I can leave her as a surprise for when she gets back home!  I’ll be coming from Oklahoma (could be kind of YIKES, but we’ll see – never been before); maybe I’ll find something cool there.

Well, back to school which meant… seeing Hot Aussie.  I walked into the classroom after breakfast and he’s in there with some other folks.  Since I forgot my glasses, earlier I had chosen a seat in the middle of the U, and next to one of my other friends, so all my stuff was there.  Hot Aussie, as it turned out, chose the seat on the other side of said other friend.  I walk in, and he gets up, opens up his arms and gives me a big hug and kiss.  On the lips.  No big deal.  It’s become a bit of the norm since the first night in Bangkok.  He says it’s good to see me, I reciprocate pleasantries, but am definitely feeling a bit awkward at this point.  #1) I’m quite positive he hasn’t broken up with his girlfriend, and more importantly, #2) I kinda like DD at home.  Anyways, I shrug it off, and go back to paying just as much attention to him as I do to anyone else in class.  This is has always been pretty easy to do.  I’m always kind of shocked that he is so open about kissing me in front of anyone in class.  Haven’t figured that out yet.

He mentioned during his check-in, which we all must do before class even starts, that his mother wasn’t doing well at all, and that he’s planning on going to Australia over Xmas which could be the last time he sees her.  Yikes.  OK – I felt like a bad friend for not knowing that.  He was noticeably to himself for much of the weekend, and I went up to him at lunch that Friday, when he was sitting alone by the windows, and talked to him briefly about it.  At the end of the day, he and I are still friends to a certain extent and I certainly care about what goes on in his life.  He’s kind of private, though… or maybe I just don’t ask enough?

The next morning, I was exhaaaausted.  I hadn’t slept well and was barely awake.  Like a zombie, I walk into the classroom and Hot Aussie is in there just with our other classmate who has been credited with opening up Pandora’s box.  They’re on opposite sides of the room, and he’s sitting in the same seat as the day before.  I said good morning to them both and schlep my ass to the same seat I was in the day before, too.  He gets up pretty quickly and gives me another big hug and kiss.  I hug him and basically just fall into him because I’m so tired.  He said he could tell as soon as I walked in; I told him I needed to recharge and was pulling from his energy levels during the hug.  He laughed and said he’ll recharge me, and told our other classmate to leave so he could discharge.  I started laughing; so gross but hilarious!

I walked out to the dining room and then the other classmate who was in there with Hot Aussie came in.  He apologized, and said he should’ve left us alone.  I was like, what!?  Not at all!  Well, later that day, after lunch, I was in the classroom alone reading because it was nice and quiet.  Hot Aussie comes in and says, PERFECT!  He comes up behind me and hugs me from behind and kisses me again.  I ask him how he’s doing, and he lets go and says, “better now.”  Because I like to push the envelope with him, and essentially call his bullshit, I said that I wasn’t better yet, threw my arms around him and kissed him.  He was fully engaged.  Next thing we know, the door opens and one of the guys from  Bangkok walked in and just pretended not to see, hahahaha!  He’s like, SORRY!  Hot Aussie said that it’s nothing he hadn’t seen us do before.  Then my friend responds by saying that when we were in Bangkok for Hot Aussie’s bday, he’s the one who saw us kissing while he and the two other guys were coming back from the toilet and he grabbed them and made them turn around, hahahaha!

After class, I had to go to my Airbnb.  Hot Aussie took me here because it’s just a few miles from where he lives.  He walks me onto the property and says he’ll make sure I get in alright.  I get the thing opened up and I bring my stuff inside.  It’s a small space so he didn’t take more than a couple steps in.  I went outside and thanked him for the lift.  We kissed again for a couple minutes and then he said he had to go.  I agreed that he did, because of reasons #1 and #2 stated above which I did not cite to him.  And that was that.

My aforementioned girlfriend says it’s like high school, and it pretty much is.  HAHAHA!  However, I am admittedly too old for this bullshit.  If you have a girl, don’t creep on her with me.  I don’t want anyone’s sloppy seconds.  It’s selfish behavior on his part and just proves that he doesn’t know what he wants… because he wants it all.  I choose not to be part of that equation.

And I’ve got a good thing with DD at home.  Just when I think of him, I smile.  Like now!  Today, I went on my second and final 20-mile training run along the beach here.  Seeing all the surfers, passing the skate park – it made me miss him!  He facetimed me just when I was wrapping up my run, right by the skate park which I was going to photograph and send him.  Instead, he got to see it live.  We ended up spending a total of 2 hours together on facetime and 1-1/2 hours on the phone today.  We had lazy Sundays, just on opposite coasts.



There’s a guy from tinder that I “met” aaaaages ago.  I just looked back at our text history, and it was December 26th that we started texting… so even earlier on tinder.  Turns out, he lives literally 1/2 block from where I’m staying.  We are meeting for coffee/tea in the morning, and I feel weird about it.  Honestly, I don’t even remember what he looks like.  White dude?  Dark Hair?  Maybe?  That’s all I can vaguely remember.  In my phone, it’s just his name and “RE (real estate) Guy from LA”.  He seems alright, and it’s been so long that I hope he doesn’t have any expectations.


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