Since I got back from LA, some things have happened.  Here’s a quick rundown:

1) Three days after having his tongue in my mouth, Hot Aussie gives flowers to his girlfriend who then posts a photo on her very public IG account.  Sigh.  Any and every romantic possibility between us has been eliminated.  Dude, don’t be an asshole to your girlfriend, and don’t get me involved.  Own up to your feelings but really – don’t be a dick to her!  Ugh… that poor woman.  If she only knew.  I truly feel bad for her and need to distance myself from all that… especially 44-year old men who can’t be honest with themselves, let alone other people.  

2) Danish Daddy came by on Wednesday night, arriving at my building 10 seconds before I pulled up in the uber from JFK.  It was really really nice to see him.  🙂 He left the next night to pick up his daughter from London, and bring her back to sort out her US immigration.  Anyway, we hung out and I had a big 2nd job interview the next morning at 10am.  Between a late night with him and jet lag, I’m happy that the interview went as well as it did!  I digress.  We talked a little bit about what we are doing with each other (and not with other people).  I had to bring it up because having multiple partners in the sack is not my style, especially because of the safety factor.  We squared that away and I have no reason not to believe that he’s telling the truth when he says he’s not sleeping with anyone else.  That’s a relief!  He asked me the same and I said it was just him.  We agreed that there’s not really much opportunity to, given all the time that we spend with each other or talking to each other.  In LA, we spent a lazy Sunday in bed via Facetime.  Nothing scandalous happened at all, just talking and laughing, for a total of about 5 hours.  In any case, I do like this guy, but it’s early so we’ll see what happens.  We are talking about going snowboarding in December up in VT since it started snowing already!  And then of course, we’ll see if we can coordinate trips out to LA and Denver.  It’s exciting, refreshing, and I’m really happy!  He turns 40 in a few days and starts a new job like 10 days later.  I asked if I could take him out to celebrate, and he was like, wow yea!  There’s a new Danish restaurant that opened up here in Brooklyn that isn’t as $$ as some of the other options.  I tend to default to the $$ for special occasions but he’d mentioned before that he doesn’t care for overpriced things, and let’s be honest – I’ve never seen him in anything other than sweatpants, jeans, t-shirts, and Nike SBs.  Anywhere with a jacket dress code would not be an option!  This sort of does concern me because I do like getting dressed up and looking like a girl.  I can throw down in sweats and high tops any day, but there is definitely something about a pair of stilettos that makes a girl feel sexaaay!  

3) I had bought tickets to see Kurios from Cirque du Soleil for the ex’s birthday (three tickets, for me, him, and his niece) and the show was last night.  Did I still go?  HELL YES, and was lucky to have two very good girlfriends come with me.  It was so fun and we were all so excited; we felt like little kids going to the circus!  Those acrobats were giving us all panic attacks!  It was amazing!  We were still riding high when we left, as V did her George Jefferson strut as we walked out, haha!  Far less amazing was the fact that my ex was there, too, with his niece!  He’s so tall and easy to spot.  They were sitting in the same row, further down.  He walked by us twice to go to/from the restroom which wasn’t really necessary since there was an exit closer to their seats.  By then, I was 95% sure he saw us; he looked just as awkward and uncomfortable as ever.  When the show ended and we were leaving for the city, V ordered an uber and the driver was illegally parked right in front of the MTA bus stop where there was a massive line.  When H spotted our uber SVU, she made a break for it, so V and I did, too… dashing right past the ex and his niece, on line for the bus.  HAHAHAHA!!  He 100% saw us then… and he knows the two friends that were with me!!  It was 1030pm at that point; pay for an uber to get your 13 year old niece home, you cheap bastard.  I’m surprised he even paid for tickets to go.  BUt on the same night, tho?  That’s not necessary.  Regardless, we had a really great time, and I definitely had more fun with my girls than I would’ve had with him – that is for sure.

These next two weeks are going to be long ones.  I leave on Wednesday for Michigan and go straight back to LA after that for class.  If Hot Aussie expects more hellos and lip-locking, he is in for a surprise.  I arrive home Sunday morning and it’s the last week before the marathon.  DD gets back on Monday night, Halloween, from bringing his daughter back to London.  I’ve already told him that there can’t be any sleepovers starting Nov 3rd as I need to seriously rest up for the 6th.  Then he starts his new job on the 7th.  So there’s lots going on and I’m really just ready to get his marathon over with so I can get more bandwidth back.  

One thing is for sure, and it’s that I need to clean up my diet and reset my system again.  Loading up on carbohydrates and eating things I don’t usually eat, and getting used to eating a lot isn’t a good look on my 5ft frame!  My weight is the same now as it was for the marathon last year, but I was definitely more muscle than fat a year ago.  No six pack this year, but i’m still able to maintain a pace that i don’t hate.  So right after the marathon, I’m starting up the 30-day clean eating challenge, which will definitely be a challenge as it’s the holidays.  But this extra weight needs to go!  I look so bloated.  Yuck.  

Anyway, for anyone reading this, please keep your fingers crossed for me and the job that I interviewed for on Thursday! It is the direction that I want my career to go. The woman said she needs to create an even more senior position for me but it sounds like she really wants me on board.  Hopefully she, her boss, and HR can get it done.  She told me it’ll probably be 1-2 weeks till she has an update on it because he boss was on vacation last week, and that she wants me to meet with her team, beyond the quick 2-min introductions that she did when she walked me over to them that day.  I will follow up in a couple weeks if I don’t hear back.  My therapist commented that things happen in clusters.  So between finding someone I really like and potentially finding a new job, it’s a little cluster of change that could be happening right now.  

And on that note, I have some serious economics reading to dig into.  Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!  


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