All the Gears

It doesn’t appear that any area of my life is still right now.

Work?  Job hunting continues, as I eagerly anticipate hearing back from the company that has the job that I reeeeeally reeeeeally want.  It’s only been 1-1/2 weeks but I’m getting anxious.  In an effort to NOT put all my eggs in one really attractive basket, I agreed to another interview with a company in LA.  That’s going to be in mid-November so I hope that by then, the needle may have moved at least a little with the company here.  Till then, I’m keeping busy with the current gig, and am pleased that I had the most popular session at the product boot camp that I flew out to teach at last week.

School? A shit ton of group and individual assignments due this trimester which is focusing squarely on economics.  It’s a subject that fascinates me, but I am lacking in the energy/focus/time to give it the attention that I want to, let alone what it needs.

Fitness?  My weight is on the uptick and I want to get it down by at least 2-3lbs in seven days which shouldn’t be a problem except I have to carb load starting Thursday.  Extra weight tends to slow you down while running, and I just want this marathon to be over!  I am looking forward to it because it is fun, seeing all the millions of spectators cheering everyone on.  However, there is so much shit to do for school, that I really have to balance resting, physically and mentally, with getting shit done.

Friends?  My circle gets smaller and smaller as time goes on.  I talk to fewer and fewer people and sometimes feel like a bad friend.  I hope they understand!  I think they do.  It’s temporary anyway.

Family?  Beats me.  I talk to my sister everyday and that’s about it.  At least I know she’s doing fine.  Facebook tells me that my nephews celebrated Halloween.

Last but not least – dudes?  I went to class this weekend with every intention of not letting Hot Aussie’s lips anywhere near mine.  Despite his big muscly arms and those sparkly blue eyes, and his ass sitting next to me in class on Friday, I avoided it.  Even on Saturday when he did his classic move of coming up from behind me to hug and kiss me, I still avoided it.  AND THEN he dropped me and my friend off at LAX after class on Saturday.  My terminal was first.  My other classmate got out to give me a hug and jumped back in the car.  Hot Aussie and I had one of our nice, long hugs and a kiss on the cheek.  Exchanged a few words.  At the risk of sounding like a mush, there is definitely something awesome about hugging that man.  Outside of his arms, we exchanged a few more words, another shorter hug, and he pecked me on the lips.  Immediately, I thought – DAMMIT!!!  I had to do it.  After I got through security, I texted him.  I told him about my goal for the weekend, and how he foiled it.  He responded saying that he was happy that he did and how he finds me more than a bit irresistable.  Right.  I then started to get into how the situation was making me uncomfortable.  He said he understood, with 9-1/2 more months of school and living in different cities, so he said he would behave and not make me feel uncomfortable.  Honestly, I told him, it was more that he still had someone else to behave for that made me uncomfortable.  That’s when he told me that he no longer did.  Umm… does she know that, tho?  Because her IG kind of indicates otherwise.  Anyway, he went on to say that they are still the “best of friends”.  That’s cool.  Not knowing what to believe, I told him that I guessed that he would’ve just told me that they broke up since I told him.  He said he only talked about it with his mom and that he knows he’s got some things to work through.  What does that mean for me?  I should just let the man sort out his stuff and not get involved.  That will be what happens, but I can’t lie – I am incredibly drawn to him.

This totally throws a curveball into things with DD.  Right before I left for my trip, I had an afternoon date with him… and his daughter.  He said that he didn’t want to hide the people in his life from his kids, so we met up in DUMBO and ran all over the area, stopping in Shake Shack and Brooklyn Roasters.  I’d gotten her a couple of NYC and Brooklyn specific things that I asked him about first, like, if that’s even cool.  It was a lot of fun and she was really awesome.  It was different seeing him in dad mode but it made him pretty hot, to be honest, haha!  I kept a distance from him at first, not knowing what the protocol was.  This was, after all, a first for me.  The whole thing is, really.  I’ve never dated anyone with kids.  Anyway, after a little while, I noticed he was walking closer to me and then would have his arm around my waist.  Sometimes she was running ahead of us, sometimes she was right next to us.  I just followed his lead on this.  At the train station, she gave me a big hug and I kissed the blonde mop of hair on her head.  He kissed me right in front of her, and we parted ways.  It was his 40th birthday while I was away, so I got a few things for him and of course we have dinner reservations next week.  Last night, he left for London to bring her back and we FaceTimed, him from JFK and me from LAX.  With him, there’s less question of where I stand.  We talk multiple times a day, either via phone or facetime, regardless of where we are, in addition to texting.  I never feel like I can’t call him.  We tell each other that we miss each other.  And I believe him when he says he can’t wait to see me.  I feel the same way.  He’s back tomorrow night, but we don’t have any set plans see each other… somehow, though, I’m ok with that.  I know we will – probably on Tuesday, haha!  I thought about inviting him over straight from the airport, but it’ll be late and I need to rest up this week… which is what I need to do now!

god dammit, Hot Aussie.  You and your sexy-ass curveball.  I don’t go back to LA for another 3 weeks, so we’ll see what happens.



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