Sleep Talking, Tho

One thing about DD that I haven’t mentioned since we started dating is that this dude straight up talks in his sleep!  It’s something I’ve come to expect and yesterday, I told him that I couldn’t wait to hear what he was going to say this time!  Fortunately for both of us, he’s actually quite sweet when he sleep talks.  Unfortunately for me, I’m a very light sleeper.  Out of nowhere, he will say a completely clear sentence.  No gibberish.  No mumbling.  In perfect English, even though it isn’t his first language.

I believe the first time it happened was the first night we spent together, but don’t quote me on that.  He told me he loved me.  I wrote it off as unintentional, but did bring it up the next morning.  His response?  “Oh shit!”  He had no recollection and I don’t know if he was embarrassed or not but I didn’t want to make a thing out of it.

Another night soon afterwards, he told me again that he loved me and later that he would never make me cry.

Another time, said three things on three separate occasions that night: 1) he loves me, 2) I’m so beautiful, and 3) things with me just get better and better.

I always tell him the next morning whatever it is he might have said, and it’s become a bit of a joke that he’s so sweet while he’s asleep and a raging asshole when he’s awake, haha!  He’s not anything close to being an asshole, btw.  After that especially talkative night, he even laughed at how nice he is when he sleep talks, and said that he’s working up to telling me more in person.  DAWWWWWW!!  Anyways, I told him that the next time he talks in his sleep, I’m going to question what he says, try to have a conversation, and see what happens.

He swears he’s never been told that he was a sleep talker, and that all this is new.  If so, I really have no idea.

Yesterday, I was giddy with excitement to see what he might say.  And at night, he didn’t disappoint.  I can’t say that ALL he said was that he loves me, because it is nice to hear.  This time, though, I did respond with, “Do you really?” After a long enough time for me to think he wasn’t going to respond, which was only a few seconds, he said yes.

I will conclude this blog post by saying that he has said he loves me – while awake!  The first time was a few weeks ago on the phone, when he would later admit that it slipped out.  Again one night before we went to sleep.  And at dinner on Wednesday night.  It doesn’t freak me out or anything, which is a surprise, most likely because I’ve admitted to myself to him that I love him, too.


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