Return of Seattle Guy 2015

99.99% of the time, I am indifferent when dudes come back around again.  It’s so predictable and expected. I’ve moved on and am looking forward, not to the past. Then there’s that .01%, the curveballs that are a pleasant surprise. A few weeks ago, I received an Instagram follow request from a certain Seattle Guy about whom I blogged in 2015, starting here. He’s the guy that I swiped on Tinder while in LA and then met in Seattle over July 4th weekend while he was in the process of moving back there. He’s the guy that I wondered about quite a bit due to a certain feeling I got but didn’t dwell since 1) I had other guys who were sharing my attention, and 2) the timing just seemed bad.

Anyway, I accepted the IG follow request and sent him a message saying that based on the photos, it looked like things were going well for him.  We had a bit of an exchange during which time he said that he still comes to LA every now and then, and that he’d like to meet up if I wasn’t opposed.  I told him that I was never mad at how things just kind of evaporated so yea, I’m down.  To my surprise, he said he was going to be here for work the last week of August… which is now.

We spoke a bit before he got to town, and he said that he could’ve/should’ve handled things back then better.  Again, no hard feelings. I get it.  I told him that while I usually delete info, photos, etc. of past dudes, for whatever reason, I didn’t delete his.  Honestly, I didn’t even know I still had his number till I looked. I told him that when I moved, I got rid of a lot of stuff but the shark he sent me (in the photo below) from Hawaii made the cut. IMG_4292

A couple of days before arriving, he drunk FaceTimed me from his friend’s house.  This was the first time I’d see him in two years, toasted via FaceTime.  He offered to pay for my flight to Seattle that day so we could fly back to LA together 36 hours later on Monday.  No.  Calm down. The next day he admitted to being very excited and the alcohol didn’t help.

Fast forward to Monday.  Turns out he’s booked at a hotel in the next town, not even 3 miles away. We met for dinner in Playa del Rey and he had something in hand.  It was a graduation card.  Apparently, he’s still thoughtful. Not surprising. We caught up and laughed and had fun. He told me about what he was up to in Seattle and how things were going well. I told him that all those things I said I was going to do two years ago (run a marathon which became two, get my MBA, etc) – I did them.

And yup, the attraction is still very much there. He told me that things felt unfinished and that he wants to see where things could go.  He said that Seattle/LA is a lot closer than Seattle/NYC and he’s here every now and then and maybe I could go up to Seattle. I told him that I’m open to seeing where things could go, too. He said that he dated someone for 3-4 months in the last two years since we met, but that was it.  I couldn’t say the same but played my history down.  🙂

Then I found myself with a common dilemma: does this mean that I’m not supposed to see where things can go with other people?  After discussing with a couple friends, of course I can keep my options open even if he isn’t. That’s a relief.

I will say, though, that dating is exhausting and I would seriously like to have some normalcy for a change.

In any case, we saw each other Monday when he got in and briefly on Tuesday night. It’s Thursday now and he leaves on Monday. His work hours end pretty late and we are just playing it by ear regarding seeing each other again. I enjoy spending time with him and he’s very sweet, but I feel like he’s giving me mixed signals.

While he’s doing well in Seattle, I think he’s not where he thought he would be at this point in his life. Might be a source of insecurity?  Ugh, who knows.  I’m feeling pretty burnt out these days, and while I do like him, I’m still not chasing dudes.


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